Name Email Address Position             
Dr. Leslie Watson [email protected] Principal

Desiree Drager

[email protected]           

Assistant Principal

Kayla Wainscott [email protected] School Administration Manager
Johnna Adams [email protected] Third Grade
Melanie Amos
[email protected] STEM Teacher
Diane Allyn-Neuhaus [email protected] Paraprofessional, ESE
Heather Alsup [email protected] ESE Paraprofessional
Brianna Balch [email protected] Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Cynthia Benson [email protected] ESE ACD
Diana Bernhardt [email protected] Kindergarten
Sheila Boone-Martin [email protected] Instructional Paraprofessional
Sharon Buckle [email protected] Fifth Grade
James Bunch [email protected] Fifth Grade
Sharita Burns [email protected] ESE ACD
Alyssa Cabellero [email protected] SRD
Erika Cain [email protected] Instructional Paraprofessional
Ritsy Carcamo  [email protected] Second Grade
Natasha Carrera - Mason [email protected] Kindergarten
Erika Cartagena [email protected] FTE/Registrar
Yoselin Cepin-Franco [email protected] Custodian
Tyler Crenshaw [email protected] Behavioral Interventionist
James Dalton [email protected] ESE DEV
Shari Daniels [email protected] SRS
Christine Danielson [email protected] Behavior Interventionist
Geanine Dettmore [email protected] Speech/Language Pathologist
Araina Downer [email protected] Fourth Grade
Carla Dukes [email protected] ESE Teacher
Linda Duncan [email protected] ESE
Maiah Duncan-Dieujuste [email protected] Interventionist
Marta Embree [email protected] Occupational Therapist
Rachel English [email protected] Art 
Stacy Escobedo [email protected] Fourth Grade
Lisandra Esteves
[email protected]
VPK Teacher
Sheri Fanelli [email protected] Area Administration
Michelle Ferren [email protected] Compliance
Rosana Garcia [email protected] English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Teacher
Dana Gimeno [email protected] ESE
Marisel Gonzalez [email protected] ESOL Paraprofessional
Erilsy Gonzalez-Valls  [email protected]  INST 
Alyssa Haneline [email protected] Paraprofessional, ESE
Tanisha Henry [email protected] Behavior Interventionist 
Judith Kelly [email protected] Custodian
Claudia Koepke [email protected] Physical Therapist
Annie Krieger [email protected] Fifth Grade
Jennifer Kogut [email protected] ESE DHH
Donna Krumwiede [email protected] Bookkeeper
Cama Larkin [email protected] Intervention
Betty Sanchez [email protected] Secretary Clinic
Shirelle Lewis [email protected] Instructional Paraprofessional
Katie Long [email protected] Second Grade
Amanda Lopes [email protected]  First Grade
Cristina Madrigal [email protected] Kindergarten
Oscar Madrigal
[email protected]  Third Grade
ReJeana Marigna [email protected] Guidance Counselor
Mary Marshall [email protected] Custodial (Head)
Kristi Meade [email protected] Fourth Grade
Alena Medley  [email protected]  INST
Yancey Mist [email protected] 21st Century Lead Teacher
Ingrid Navarrete [email protected] Secretary
Yanet Nunez [email protected] Custodian
Sarah Nissen [email protected] DMHC
Sonya Oakes [email protected] Nurse
Regan Oyler [email protected] ESE SLP
Sandra Pacombe [email protected] Third Grade
Rosa Panora [email protected] Custodian
Krista Phelps [email protected] Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Rachana Rawat [email protected] Second Grade
Dominique Redhead [email protected] Guidance
Marisel Reyes [email protected] ESOL Paraprofessional
Kardaja Rither [email protected] Second Grade
  r ESE Paraprofessional
Rebecca Roberts [email protected] Instructional Coach
Marisel Roman-Gonzalez [email protected] Duty Assistant
Elba Roques [email protected] Third Grade
Evy Rosado [email protected] Red Apple Dining Manager
Izrael Rothenberg [email protected] Fourth Grade
Myah Sagran [email protected]  Paraprofessional
Andrea Schaa [email protected] Social Worker
Lois (Hannibal) Scott  [email protected] First Grade
Natasha Selondieu [email protected] Fifth Grade
Michael Severance [email protected] First Grade
Taideisha Shoots [email protected] Kindergarten 
Shevell Sinquefield [email protected] ESE Teacher
Amy Smith [email protected] PE Coach
Laura Snyder [email protected] Fourth Grade
April Snyder [email protected] ESE Support Facilitator
Selina Sowers [email protected] Second Grade
Michelle St. Amour [email protected] Music
Bridgette Stark [email protected] First Grade Teacher
Kimberly Stokes  [email protected]  ESE EBD 
Amy Teagarden [email protected] Interventionist
Aubrey Thompson [email protected] School Psychologist
Rosa Utreras-Dharsi  [email protected]   ESE
Takeema Warren [email protected] Kindergarten
Lindsey Williams [email protected] Kindergarten
Sherry Wilson [email protected] Instructional Paraprofessional
Mist Yancey [email protected] 21st Century
Zabrina Young [email protected]  First Grade 
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